“I was in an auto accident recently and I really hurt my back and neck. I went to see Dr. Latyschow and he put together a great treatment plan. He has been amazing to work with.”

– Nick, (a healthy male who was experiencing chronic back pain).

“Excellent chiropractor. I couldn’t be happier with the progress so far.”

– Keith G. (a 34 year old teacher)

“Dr. Latyschow has treated me successfully for multiple ailments, which allows me to pursue a very active lifestyle. He has also helped a lot of the patients that I have referred to him.”

-Cory W. (a student in training for the army)

“I was rear-ended and the impact from the car accident was devastating to my body, especially on my lower back. After successful and continuous physical therapy, my back feels so much better and the pain levels have dropped completely.”

-Karen B. (a middle age home maker)

“I went from daily headaches and back pain to no pain at all in just a couple of weeks.”

-Angie W. (a 42 year old office worker)

“Ralph Latyschow has helped me feel so much better. Week by week, my body has never felt better before. Thanks for all of the help you have given me.”

-Eric C. (a 33 year old traveling sales representative)

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